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Photoshop Template and Instructions to Apply Apple’s Mirror Reflection Effect to Your iPhone / iPad App Icons

Saturday, May 1st, 2010
Omegasoft Sample Mirrored App Icon
Download Template

Follow the step by step instructions below to make a mirror reflection version of your 512 x 512 iTunes store app icon, like the ones used on this website. It should literally take only a few minutes, if even that, to use this template and create a nice mirrored app icon. If you feel there is anything confusing or that graphical guidelines would benefit these instructions please drop us a line from the support tab above or leave a comment below; thanks!

Step 1:  Double click on the .psd template to open it up in Photoshop; make sure the topmost layer in the layers pane (the one that says “Drag Right Part”) is highlighted by clicking on it.

Step 2: Open your 512×512 iTunes store icon for your app in Photoshop as well. They should now be in two seperate windows or tabs within photoshop.

Step 3:  In your 512×512 icon window/tab select all and copy (from the menu or apple/command a then apple/command c). Now click on the template window/tab and paste (apple/command v) to paste your icon into the template window. It should also have appeared as the topmost layer in your layers pane as well; if it has not, drag this new layer to the top so the pasted image is in front.

Step 4:  Drag the pasted image from the center upwards until it snaps to the top of the canvas, directly over the upper omegasoft template icon. You can hold shift while you do this to help keep everything lined up.

Step 5:  Once again paste (apple/command v) to paste another copy of your icon into the template window.

Step 6:  Enter transform mode (apple/command t) and right click your newly pasted icon, selecting “Flip Vertical” from the menu that appears. Press enter to apply the transformation.

Step 7:  Drag the inverted icon from the center downwards until it is directly over the lower mirrored omegasoft template icon, there should be about a 2 pixel space between the top icon and the inverted icon. Again you can hold shift while you do this to help keep everything lined up.

Step 8:  Now, from the layer menu, drag the right box (to the right of the chain link) of the layer called "Drag Right Part" up to the layer with your inverted icon. This will apply the fade out gradient to that image, giving it the mirror effect.

Step 9: From the layer menu, delete (or make invisible) the layer called “Drag Right Part” and the two layers called “Delete When Done”.

Step 10:  Save your image out as a .png file and you’re finished!